My triple threat boy

When I think about the past the first thing that comes to my mind is the way I felt after my heart was shattered in a million pieces. The way I felt like no one was ever gonna love me, like I would never love again. Like happiness was something I was unworthy of. I felt like my destiny was to spend the rest of my days searching for something, or someone, that I would never get back.
But then, after that, I remember feeling loved. And being in love. And feeling like my whole world was right again, full of colors, and joy, and plans and dreams. That was the feeling I thought nothing could ever overpass.

You know when people say that there will come a day in your life that will make you forget everything around you? That day came in a form of the most amazing boy I've ever met. It came slowly, unexpectedly, silently, and it wrapped me with a force I still cannot understand. He made me forget everything I had ever felt, he made me feel happy for the first time, blissfully happy. And that feeling overpassed everything. He changed my life in inexplicable ways.  He brought the fire to a world that was so cold, with the way his lips burn holes in my skin every time he kisses me. He gave me a purpose, well, he is my purpose.

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